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Sunday (06.10.2002)

 (15 min per contribution)

 17:30 The physiological basis of transcranial magnetic and electric stimulation of motor cortex leg area in conscious humans.
Dileone M., Rome, Italy.
 17:45 Brain electric fields in primary insomnia.
Arnold M.K., Warsaw, Poland.
18:00 Alleviating dementia by improving cerebrovascular condition.
Farkas E., Hungary.

Monday (07.10.2002)

 17:30 Brain control of human male ejaculation.
Georgiadis J., Groningen, NL.
 17:45 The sacral cord lateral cell group in the cat relays afferent information to the periaqueductal gray, but not to the thalamus.
Klop E.M., Groningen, NL.
18:00 Chemical anatomy of the human paraventricular thalamic nucleus.
Uroz M.V., Madrid, Spain.

Tuesday (08.10.2002)

 17:30 GABA-A receptor subtypes in the human hippocampal formation: differential expression and alterations in temporal lobe epilepsy.
Loup F., Zurich, Switzerland
 17:45 MRI and amygdala.
Persegani C., Rome, Italy.
18:00 Deep brain stimulation in severe obsessive-compulsive disorder.
GabriŽls L., Edegem, Belgium.

Wednesday (09.10.2002)

16:45 Direct recording of corticospinal volleys evoked by non focal magnetic brain stimulation.
Pilato F., Rome, Italy.
17:00 Selective attention impairments and anterior cingulate atrophy in Alzheimer's disease.
Levinoff E., Maastricht, NL.
 17:15 The relationship between cortical activation and perception investigated with invisible stimuli.
Moutoussis K., Tuebingen, Germany.
 17:30 The left field, the right hand: visual and tactile object representation in the visual cortex studied with fMRI in hemianopic and normal observers.
Mierdorf T., Duesseldorf, Germany.
17:45 Brain responses differentiate descriptive from evaluative judgements of musical sequences.
Brattico E., Helsinki, Finland.