Program Objectives
Program Organization
Speakers and Program

The program combines lectures by invited speakers, discussion forums and workshops. Internet services will be provided and a virtual multimedia platform with 3D presentations of human brain structures will be made available as a reference tool during the conference.
A significant amount of information will be made available on the web prior to the beginning of the conference so as not to excessively burden the conference with issues of terminology, nomenclature and homologies.


Co-ordinator: Mai, Jürgen K., MD, Düsseldorf, Germany

Local Co-ordinators:
Mallebrein, Benigna, Dr. phil. (Press), Rome, Italy
Panner, Craig, Rome, Italy
Spalletta, Gianfranco, MD, Rome, Italy

Scientific Committee:
Caltagirone, Carlo, MD, Roma, Italy
Mai, Jürgen K., MD, Düsseldorf, Germany
Paxinos, George, PhD, Sydney, Australia
Saper, Clifford B., MD, PhD, Boston, USA

Publicity: The organisers advertise the conference widely and will produce a project homepage on the Web. During the events publicity is supported by direct press contacts and by the local television of
S. Lucia, Rome. Advertisements are offered on/by these media.

Dissemination of Results: It is planned that lectures are placed on the Internet in a simplified format of slides and narration to make the presentations accessible with low bandwidth modem connections. The organizing committee will see that the work of the conference is synthesized in a coherent and comprehensive body providing a rationale for the decisions including those on nomenclature. The committee will make this material available on the Internet and on a database. The possibility of publishing the proceedings after the second conference will be investigated.